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Provence Côte d’Azur

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Trail Running the mountains of the French Riviera

Where: Saint-Martin-Vésubie, France (arrival and departure: Nice Airport)

When: 18 - 22 June 2020

What: A trail running experience from the French Riviera to the highest peaks of Mercantour National Park

Why: Enjoy the lavender fields of Provence and run the ancient paths of this UNESCO heritage national park


Why Provence?

Provence is renowned for its lavender fields, olive groves, as well as for its wine making and perfumery. But if you look up, there’s so much more to see!

The Mercantour National Park in the Alpes de Haute Provence is the home of a UNESCO heritage site. It’s also called the paradise of geologists, because it bears the traces of more than 300 million years of Earth’s history.

The landscapes are impressive here, with over 3000 meters peaks, and the biodiversity that we’ll see on our routes is remarkable. During our days there, we’ll cross this part of France from south to north, enjoying the mediterranean mountain views. On our way we’ll come across a few picturesque villages that are historical sites, preserving ancient objects of the past lifestyle.

There will be heights, green trails, wine, lavender, olive groves, and there will be that distinct joie de vivre that the places and the people in Provence are known for.

Let’s do a complete nature immersion in this wonderful land!


Running technique Nutrition workshops


Explore new trails with people sharing the same passion


In the lavender fields


Provençal wines and cuisine


Some of the oldest mountains in the world


In a natural paradise

Favorite Secret Spots

We won’t lie. 

Some of our favourite places in Provence are the famous lavender fields and olive groves. But in this camp we have some nice surprises for you. An incredible variety of landscapes, from high mountain passes and clifftop trails to the deepest canyon in France. 

Natural diversity and the local joy of living will be our focus.

Our accommodation

In our camps, we like to choose places that are comfortable, but also keep the traditional architecture, cuisine, and way of living.

In the Alpes de Haute Provence, we chose a cosy chalet right in the heart of the mountains. It will be a pleasure to open the window and see such wonderful sights, letting the fresh air in. 

The chalet has a restaurant with traditional French food based on locally sourced ingredients.

*The early bird price for this all-inclusive camp is €1149, available only for bookings made until 15.04.2020. The late booking price is €1249.
In order to secure your spot, you only need to make a deposit of €350.


The iconic landscapes of the French Riviera


About us


We’re those enthusiastic trail runners who left the big cities and moved to the mountains just to get to do what they love more often.

If you also forget the time when you’re in nature, love to spend quiet time on the mountains, days of adventure and running on trails, then you’re in the right spot.

Trails and Tales is the place we created to share stories from beautiful trails with you and others who share the same passion. The trail running camps we organize are also a way of sharing our favourite trails, the lessons that we’ve learned, and the passion that we have for the mountains.

The trail running camp in Provence and Alpes de Haute Provence is our way of mixing some serious mountain running with the French lifestyle, the iconic landscapes, and an invitation to disconnect.

Join us on this joie de vivre seeking adventure!

Carmen Albisteanu

Certified Nutrition Coach // Trail Runner

My two passions are trail running and traveling. By running and hiking in the mountains, I get to see so much more than the regular tourist attractions. I lived in Barcelona for a few years and the Pyrenees were one of the reasons why I chose Spain. Mountains are where I feel at home, and nature is my playground, my constant source of joy.

Andrei Tale

Mountain Runner // Adventurer

Competing and maybe even winning a race makes it a good day out there on the trailsBut what makes it perfect? Living a memorable adventure that lasts forever, spending as much time you can get in nature with your friends or watching the sunset high up in the mountains late in the evening. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

What do runners say?

I’ve been looking into a competition that is around Provence, Ultra-Trail Côte d'Azur Mercantour. For me, this camp is an opportunity to see part of the route, get familiar with the climate and the landscape and, of course, get some mileage in this famous part of France.
Dennis T
United Kingdom
The routes covered in this camp caught my eye at first, and then the idea of maybe running through lavender fields. It’s going to be quite an adventure to do the traverse from south to north, up in the mountains, but going with a guided group will definitely make things easier. And more fun. Really looking forward to this summer adventure!
Magda B


Frequently Asked Questions

The Provence Camp will be focused on enjoying the mountains landscape between Nice and Mercantour. You should have an intermediate level of trail running. If you’re able to cover between 15 km and 30k m a day for three days in a row, even at a slow hiking pace, then you’re fit for this camp.

The price of this 5 day camp is 1149  until April 15th 2020, or 1249  between April 15th and May 15th 2020. Your booking is secured by first making a deposit of 350 €, after which you have time until May 15th to pay the remaining balance. Read more about our booking confirmation and refund policy HERE.

You can contact us if you want to extend your stay after the camp is finished or if you want to arrive a few days earlier. We can help with accommodation extension, as well as with ideas of fun activities and places to visit.

Our total distance in this camp can be adjusted, but we’re considering 50-60 km accumulated in 3 days. These can be done running or hiking, and the faster runners can cover more distance if they wish.

This will be an amazing culinary experience, thanks to all of the local French delicacies available in the area. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. But if you have any special requests or intolerances please let us know in advance.

This camp is mainly dedicated to runners. However, we can offer two spots for non running friends, with a 10% discount from the regular price (either early bird or full price, depending on the booking date). First booked, first served.

Join the camp

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