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Kullamannen, a challenge for the tough

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Kullamannen, a challenge for the tough

The beginning of November found us running the trails of Kullamannen, in the southern Sweden town of Molle. We enjoyed a perfect autumn day, bright and sunny, competing in 12K and marathon (Andrei).

Maybe too sunny, if you ask the organisers who always wish for a more challenging weather, to keep the spirit of a competition that has races called Black Death and Double Death.

Kullaberg is a nature reserve that is usually peaceful and quiet, but every year on the race days it was full of energy and happy feet. Well, as happy as they can be for someone running 100 miles, a marathon, a fast half marathon or an even faster all-in 12k race.

These races, no matter how tough they are, are sold out one year in advance every time. After each event, when the dates for the next edition are announced, it doesn’t take long until the runners sign up again. Either because they have an unfinished business, or want to take up a different challenge.

And for someone like me, who ran the same race twice, things can be extremely different from one year to another. First, you might feel like a guest, but the second time you’re already part of the family.

So if you’re considering a challenge, take a look at the races in Kullamannen and take your pick. Just make sure you don’t underestimate them.

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