Trails and Tales is a love story between people and our outer and inner nature.

It’s all about trail running, traveling, having fun together, and transforming our minds and bodies. It’s the place where we share our passion for trail running, adventure, good food from all around the world, and where we learn to lead a more active and healthy life.

We collect here our trail stories from our running camps, and we rewrite our narratives about our eating habits.
We’re shaping our minds and bodies through trainings, courses, and food coaching programs.

We love discovering new trails, new running competitions, and supporting each other to reach our health, weight loss and fitness performance goals.

We’re just like you: mountain lovers, mindful foodies, adventurous travellers who want to learn and explore.

We’re so happy to have you aboard!


Carmen Albisteanu, Trail Runner // Certified Food Coach // Mountain lover // Beginner Yogi // Passionate Marketer.


Andrei Tale // Adventurer & Mountain Runner.