Trails and Tales is a love story between people and our outer and inner nature.

Both of us were born close to sea level, but are currently living in the mountains. After years of living in big cities such as Bucharest and Barcelona, we gave up the 9 to 5 office life and moved to the smaller mountain town of Brasov in Transylvania.


However, we still spend a lot of time traveling to other mountains, to discover and disconnect, as well as to challenge ourselves in trail running races.

Trails and Tales is the place where we share our passion for trail running, adventure, good food from all around the world, and where we learn to live a more active and healthy life.

We collect here our trail stories from our trail running camps, mountain adventures, as well as our favourite trail races.

We’re just like you: mountain lovers, foodies, adventurous travellers who want to learn and explore.

Welcome to our playground.

Carmen Albisteanu

Certified Nutrition CoacH / Trail Runner

My two passions are trail running and traveling. By running and hiking in the mountains, I get to see so much more than the regular tourist attractions. I lived in Barcelona for a few years and the Pyrenees were one of the reasons why I chose Spain. Mountains are where I feel at home, and nature is my playground, my constant source of joy.

Andrei Tale

Mountain Runner / Adventurer

Competing and maybe even winning a race makes it a good day out there on the trails. But what makes it perfect? Living a memorable adventure that lasts forever, spending as much time you can get in nature with your friends or watching the sunset high up in the mountains late in the evening. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.